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We've work and we still do, on parking solutions as well as traffic ones.

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    Date : June 2018

    The Challenge

    Let's face it, we all ask for recommendations and we all look for services online. The question is... do we get the right recommendations and most importantly do we get them on time?

    The Solution

    A mobile app... why not??? Urgently look up (and book) a service provider, ask for recommendations, browse special offers and get in touch with an extensive database of businesses...

    The Result

    A mobile application that offers its users the best way possible to get the services they require in less than a minute... Users can notify hundreds of service providers with just one click and get notified back in real time when a service provider can offer the services... This mobile application also allows for easy communication and connection between consumers and service providers.

    JCMCB Bar & Grill

    Date : June 2018
    Client : JCMCB Bar & Grill

    The Challenge

    JCMCB Bar and Grill has mouth watering food. But that is not enough... how will the people out there get to know about this exquisite Bar and Grill and what it has to offer?

    The Solution

    A website will eliminate all the challenges every business faces on a daily basis... and afford EXPOSURE

    The Result

    A dynamic website which is mobile responsive incorporating a content management system to easily update and change content. This website is also connected to Facebook, and displays the activities happening on its Facebook page.

    Farfett Flowers

    Date : April 2018
    Client : Il-Farfett Flowers

    The Challenge

    Flowers are the perfect gift to anyone at any time. Il-Farfett Flowers has a shop in Zabbar, Malta which sells flowers off the counter. However with today's online activity, why not expand and also target the online market?

    The Solution

    An online shop from where clients purchase flowers and get them delivered wherever they want in Malta.

    The Result

    A fully dynamic and responsive website which incorporates a content management system that allows the client to change the website content, add and update products (flowers) and monitor the orders in real time. This website also allows user to pay for their flowers using PayPal.

    Salomone Sansone

    Date : February 2018

    The Challenge

    A law firm that is there for its clients needs exposure and the best way to expose such business nowadays is by doing so online.

    The Solution

    A website is the first step, introducing you to your clients. Your website style reflects your business style.

    The Result

    A fully responsive and customized website which incorporates a content management system, where the client has full control of the front end content.


    Date : December 2016

    The Challenge

    Everybody has something to sell, right? The problem is how and when. There are various platforms online that allow you to do so... however we all know that these platforms are limited in certain aspects...

    The Solution

    A perfect solution would be to have an online trading platform, which is FREE, secure and dynamic. A platform that allows users to insert as many details as possible to accurately sell products and services in no time.

    The Result

    PROJECT HAS EXPIRED - An online trading platform, wetrejd.com, which offers full control to users selling / buying products and which most importantly is FREE and SECURE.

    matthewborgcarr Blog

    Date : August 2018
    Client : Me, Myself and I

    The Challenge

    Me personally I've always dreamed of having a blog where it would allow me to write articles that interest me the most and publish them online. The challenge is this case is the time.

    The Solution

    Need to find a very good CMS which would allow me to upload my content (images & text) efficiently and as quickly as possible. So I started my research on the web and came across a CMS which today I must say it is extremely powerful! It's called OctoberCMS. It is a cms build and based on Laravel (PHP), my most favourite language and framework. Even though there is a learning curve, like every new technology that comes out, I found it very interesting to learn and quite easy to implement.

    The Result

    I am very happy with the end result and in my opinion I must say that my blog is very clean, neat and most importantly very efficient when it comes to managing it's content. Thank you OctoberCMS :)

    New Hair Zones

    Date : August 2018
    Client : NewHairZones

    The Challenge

    A hair stylist salon which is highly professional and has a lot of experience approached us to create an online shop for them. Additionally being a hair stylist the website we build for them needs to reflect their style, so we have to evaluate how they operate in order for us to be able to determine how the website is going to look and feel.

    The Solution

    With very good and well structured marketing, an online shop definitely increases your sales simply because you reach more people from their comfort of their own home. This means that we need to create a robust and reliable online shop for clients to be able to purchase products from this salon. In such cases a CMS is most definitely required simply because product prices change, even products themselves need changing therefore a robust CMS is implemented. On top of that, our client requested that certain sections of the website need to be dynamic as much as possible, therefore this had to be taken into consideration, and it was.

    The Result

    A very modern, good looking and robust website which is mobile responsive and incorporates a powerful CMS allowing our client to change the content of both the online shop as well as for the website itself.

    Y Events Public Relations and Marketing

    Date : November 2018
    Client : Y LTD

    The Challenge

    Converting an existing website into a modern and responsive one.

    The Solution

    Complete new design using the existing content but with a different look and feel

    The Result

    A responsive and modern looking website with a backend system to upload News and Events

    NoviTim Futsal

    Date : November 2018
    Client : NoviTim Futsal

    The Challenge

    An amateur futsal team with very minimum budget but want to showcase their team online.

    The Solution

    Create a simple but at the same time modern and fully responsive website keeping costs at a minimum.

    The Result

    A simple website incorporating a backends system to allow administrators to make changes to: Players, Standings and Fixtures


    Date : June 2019
    Client : Tax-Xiha

    The Challenge

    A restaurant that has a lot of orders and currently manages all these orders via telephone calls and WhatsApp messages.

    The Solution

    An online system to efficiently manage all the orders in real time.

    The Result

    A simple and modern order management system that sends real time email notifications to the restaurant's owner when an order is placed online.

    Kenneth Vaping Store

    Date : July 2019
    Client : Kenneth Vaping Store

    The Challenge

    A local shop selling vapes related products. Client is looking at the possibility of reaching more clients.

    The Solution

    An e-commerce website where clients can order and view stocks online. Software: PrestaShop.

    The Result

    A modern and responsive online store.

    BORGCARR Legal

    Date : September 2019
    Client : Dr Raiza Borg Carr LL.B, LL.D.

    The Challenge

    Every business needs a website, even a lawyer.

    The Solution

    A simple landing page for a law firm to describe and expose their practice areas.

    The Result

    A super modern and high end landing page suitable for a law firm.


    Date : October 2019

    The Challenge

    Online shopping is a thing of the present and the future. Online shops that sell merchandising / branding items are limited nowadays.

    The Solution

    The solution is to create a state of the art and modern eCommerce website.

    The Result

    A fully comprehensive and modern eCommerce website.

    We are ready for the next challenge. Yours!

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    • Following my hunt for an IT genius, I was introduced by many to Matthew. He has since then been a godsend. Matthew turned out to be the most efficient, supportive, collaborative and effective guy to work with. He provided all possible solutions for our requirements and has impressed us with keeping to the tight delivery dates. He has delivered a product far beyond our expectations in the most professional ways. I admit, we are quite a demanding & difficult company to deal with but Matthew took on board a challenge with open arms and a big smile. I cannot be more satisfied and he definitely gets a 100% in my review to him. I honestly look forward to keep working with him. Many thanks to MBC Byte Code.

      Maria Attard

    • I have worked with Matthew on several occasions. I must say that his work ethics and skills are second to none. His eye for detail is unique and every time I use his services I always have my mind at rest that he will deliver exactly what I need and that there will be no hidden surprises or hidden costs. I have recommended him to various friends and colleagues and he always performed as expected. Highly recommended!

      Omar Busuttil

    • Prompt service with an eye to detail and top notch security.

      Norbert Muscat

    • Worked with Matthew once, but definitely not the last. Well done for your professional service, not to mention your patience and dedication.

      Angele' Azzopardi

    About Us

    MBC Byte Code is a web and software development organisation focusing on innovation.

    We have a knack for coming up with creative solutions for software, systems and anything related to IoT (Internet of Things).

    We are a small team of enthusiasts who enjoy the online digital world.

    Analytical in our mindset, we see every challenge as a new opportunity to implement the understanding of
    computer science and to stretch the general perception of what is possible.

    Drawn to problem solving from the beginning, we found in the computer field an opportunity to put our
    talents for methodological thinking to good use and make a positive impact on the world.

    We use technology and IoT for the good of man kind...

    Matthew Borg Carr

    Founder & Software Engineer


    Matthew is a software engineer. He earned his BSc Honors Degree in Computer Science at Middlesex University London. Focusing on innovation, he has a knack for coming up with creative solutions for software and systems. Analytical in his mindset, he sees every challenge as a new opportunity to implement his understanding of computer science and to stretch the general perception of what is possible. He has extensive experience with MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, Phone Gap and Cordova, AJAX, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, Unity, C#, Java, and Visual Basic, among other languages and systems. Prior to going into computer engineering, Matthew worked for eleven years in the aviation industry as an Aircraft Engineer, during which time he was honored with a National Diploma in Aerospace Engineering. He also holds an NCC Education Diploma in Computer Studies. Drawn to problem solving from an early age, he has found in the computer field an opportunity to put his talent for methodological thinking to good use and make a positive impact on the world. He has gone through a range of other training programs, covering such topics as Photoshop CS6 and Microsoft SQL Server amongst others. Fluent in Maltese, English, and Italian, Matthew is an outgoing professional whose interests outside the office include fitness and travel.


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